A Groundbreaking Power Control System for Electric Motors

Economotor develops a groundbreaking power control system for synchronous electric motors. Our adaptive power control technology is using a new principle of operation, based on our protected invention. Our solution is applicable to different operational environments and industries.

For EVs our system optimizes the use of resources and provides unmatched values to both driving and production stages. We enable greater energetic efficiency, reliability, safety, greater driving range and simplified production while reducing the EV weight, costs, and supply chain constraints. 

Our energy saving power control system for electric vehicles enables

Unprecedented Energetic Efficiency in Action, Unconstrainted Production


We are excited to attend the upcoming #EcoMotion 2023 event and look forward to meeting with industry professionals and strategic partners. Contact us via info@economotor.co or via the event B2B platform to schedule a meeting during the event.